Announcing the ArchaeoTech Podcast!

I am now co-hosting a technology-focused podcast with Doug Rocks-Macqueen (of the Doug’s Archaeology and OpenAccess Archaeology websites) as one of several great shows on Chris Webster’s Archaeology Podcast Network.

During the show Doug and I interview archaeologists of all kinds about how they integrate digital technology like tablets, geographic information systems, digital cameras, photogrammetry, augmented reality, and more into their work. We also ask guests to describe the specific technologies they use and how they learned them so that you, our listeners, can apply these tools in your own projects!

As of today, we’ve produced 6 shows with leading digital archaeologists like Stu Eve (of the ARK archaeology recording kit project and Dead Men’s Eyes Augmented Reality), Lorna Richardson (a UK-based public archaeologist), Hugh Corley (an archaeology systems manager at Historic England), Dan Garcia (an innovator in data collection for CRM archaeology projects), and Eric Kansa and Sarah Whitcher-Kansa (the power-duo behind the open data publication project OpenContext).

Doug and I are continuing to record and new shows are available every other Monday at or you can subscribe to the show using iTunes (if you like the show, please leave us a review!). If you’d like to be on the show, please email us at

I hope you enjoy the show!



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