ArchaeoTech LIVE Video Podcast from #SAA2015

Hi Folks,

If, like me, you couldn’t attend the Society for American Archaeology conference happening right now in San Francisco, I have a treat for you! Chris Webster, of Digtech LLC and the Archaeology Podcast Network, helped me record some video interviews with exhibitors from the conference! You can watch the result here on the Diachronic Design YouTube Channel.

I also used some of my R programming skills, learned from the recent Software Carpentry workshop at University of Washington, to pull the last 1,000 tweets that used the #SAA2015 hashtag on Twitter. The wordcloud I created using that data gives you some idea of the most talked about people, sessions, and ideas from the past day or so.

Word cloud of some #SAA2015 tweets (n=1000), April 18, 2015 2pm
Word cloud of some #SAA2015 tweets (n=1000)

Together, I hope these two bits of media give you a quick look into the conference.



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